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Tiffany Contact Lens

Hello there~ So… I’m going to review two Tiffany Contact Lenses for this post. This is my first contact lens review, and I know there are tons of contact lens review out there, and Non-beauty Bloggers usually just feels “meh” when reading contact lens revews BUT…I’ve been searching for a review of these lenses and I couldn’t find any. So I’ll review this and I hope this will be helpful to people who’s interested in these lenses but couldn’t find anything from Google.

I got my lenses from ILOVEFASHION Facebook Shop.The price was P250.00 per pair (that is, more or less $5) . It’s very cheap and it made me a bit skeptical at first. but it’s normal to be a little paranoid when buying online, isn’t it?

The seller was having internet connection problem at that time because of the typhoon, so it took a few days before she read my message, but overall the service is okay. She was kind enough to send the package on a Saturday, even if it says so on their page that orders will be shipped on business days. The package was bubble-wrapped and it comes with a super cute pamphlet (like a mini kawaii mag) about lens care. Sadly, I didn’t take a picture before opening it up >.

Tiffany Contact Lens I noticed that Tiffany lenses are slightly thinner than other contact lenses. I guess that’s why sometimes it doesn’t automatically “latch” on the eye and sometimes the contact lens turns inside out while putting them on. It’s not enough to be a hassle for me, though.

The two contact lens I got, has the same …uh… specs:

  • Diameter:14.5mm diameter. It says 16mm on the bottle, but I’ve measured it and I’m very sure it’s 14.5mm
  • Base Curve:8.6 Base Curve.
  • Contents: Hydrophillic Contact Lens ( 55% 2-hemma, 45% water) immersed in a buffered, isotonic saline solution.

So off with the review~

Tiffany Diamond Black Contact Lens

Tiffany Diamond Black Contact Lens

Tiffany Diamond Black Contact Lens Color
The design looks very pretty up close but for me it looks a little strange when it’s viewed from afar. I was hoping that the diamond pattern will make my eyes look like they are sparkling, but instead it looks like my eyes have weird dots. I have a Diamond Pink from a different brand and I love it, but I guess with this one, my natural eye color peeks through the design, and ruins the diamond effect for me.
Tiffany Diamond Black Contact Lens Color and Design
*Excuse the messy eyeliner*
Tiffany Diamond Black Contact Lens Comfort
I am more comfortable wearing large lenses. And this one has 8.6 base curve, which is perfect for me. The only downside is that after wearing it for 5 hours, my eyes gets a little reddish.
Tiffany Diamond Black Contact Lens Enlargement
Not the largest I’ve used (I have a 15mm), but definitely large enough to give you doll-eyed effect. Look at the difference~

Tiffany Diamond Black Contact Lens Overall
This is a great deal, considering the price. It’s just that, I think I prefer my lenses with thicker outer rim and I don’t think the design + black is for me. I recommend this for people who likes black circle lenses with a little edge.

And here’s another revew~
Tiffany Tinkerbell GreyTiffany Tinkerbell Grey

Tiffany Tinkerbell Grey Color and Design
I love this one! It has a star-like design that highlights your iris and a thick rim. It’s in gray (which is what I usually get for everyday wear, it just feels like it’s the perfect color for me). It adds a little something to my eyes and it isn’t too noticeable unless you stare hard enough. It looks a little blue in pictures, but I guess that’s normal with gray contact lenses.
Tiffany Tinkerbell Grey
Tiffany Tinkerbell Gray Contact Lens Comfort
Same as the above.
Tiffany Diamond Black Contact Lens Enlargement
I probably should have given this one a 4.6 because eve if it’s as big as the Tiffany Diamond Black, it looks a little bigger when worn. It’s because of the thicker black rim, I think.
Tiffany Contact Lens TInkerbell Gray
Good price, good design and perfect for everyday use.

Here’s another look~ Taken from phone ~

I hope my review was alright~ Anyway, here’s a bunch of questions for you ~ Do you wear contact lenses? Have you tried this brand? What color do you prefer? What’s your fave contact lens, so far? Do you read contact lens reviews?


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